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Postcards EP

by Akash Vincent

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Taking Over (free) 03:46
“Taking Over” It’s silence that asks for a sound It’s chains that ask you what it’s to be free Now tell me what do your lies ask of you I thought you’d be there to see me end I guess it’s time for us to move along So for now it’s goodbye, goodbye, goodbye And it’s funny this song you liked is now about you And I hope it seeps right in like they always do I’ll carry on doing what I do the best Despite you who came along with your short-lived stay So sit back and watch me Take over this world we see Enjoy the show with who it is in place of me There’s things left to be said and to be done They won’t mend on their own So don’t waste your time waiting for me Choose your facade or to come clean I well see the choice you made finally So go bask in the cheers of the ones that don’t know you best Leaving was easy wasn’t it? You saw no need in exchanging words And words you cannot expect when you try to return So don’t waste your time waiting
Seasons (free) 03:44
“Seasons” I know I could just sit back and I’ll be fine But then I’d be missing out on life I could get hurt I might fall to the ground At least I’d know I’m still alive Maybe it’s right around the corner Maybe it’s not my time just yet Maybe I should give my fate a chance But I’ll keep on riding through And I’ll watch the seasons change Yeah I’ll watch the seasons change What will it be like when I get there When I have all of it? This castle of sand I’m building Will it be the same defending it? Yeah now summer’s here, winter’s gone The trees are full, the skies are clear But who knows when it rains again And all the leaves are at your feet Something beautiful is made out of lonely things And life is made out of the moments you string So won’t you hop right on along with me?
Entangled (free) 03:52
“Entangled” Entangled you are with me in flesh and bones It’s love you create with just your lips and hands A blood rush through you right down to your toes Like a child in my arms, this sight of you belongs to me Your eyes of the wild A mirror shadowing A frame of my hands In place we are falling There’s nothing unsaid when you speak no words Oblivious you are of the sight you make for me Flawless and raw in ways it’s meant to be In all of your ways it’s grace I see again I’ll watch as you stir inside my arms again Your eyes of the wild A mirror shadowing A frame of my hands In place we are falling Our lines blend like clay The two of us breathing There’s nothing unsaid when you speak no words I’ll paint you with my hands of love dipped in no colors I’ll hear you speak away of love stringed in no words I’ll watch you in your fragile ways I’ll catch you if you let a slip And I’ll make you stay a while more
She (free) 04:08
“She” You are a bird, flown away to another sky And it’s I who should take the blame for letting you go teary-eyed Never did you turn to show your face A fading silhouette and I might never see you again It should never be a curse to have your own wings A free sky is where I hope you go but I feel the hurt as you fly away Helpless but not your prayers Fragile but not your faith Armless but you fought away And invincible stands your soul today Never have you fallen down on your knees Even when the skies stooped down to see you bleed It’s your cry that awakes a million today And we see in your light as you burn away So goodbye little bird, won’t you turn to say goodbye I don’t ask you to return until I make a better sky Just know that I know I let you down And hear me “I love you” if I can say it now


Debut EP by singer-songwriter Akash Vincent.


released January 10, 2015

Drums: Nikhil Mawkin
Bass: Abhinav Khokhar
Trumpet: Rohit Gupta
Cello: Nāwa Lanzilotti

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Red Mawkin's Studio

Photographs: Tarun Sharma


all rights reserved



Akash Vincent Delhi, India

Akash Vincent is a singer-songwriter living in Delhi.

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